Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 1 - Chloe Wilkox

Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 1

By Chloe Wilkox

  • Release Date: 2015-04-22
  • Genre: Paranormal


I look like a typical hipster in my slim jeans, Converse, black vest, and checkered shirt.
She must see a stream of girls like me every day, who have flown across the country just to spend five minutes with Benjamin Marlowe.
What makes me any different from the rest?
Gloria Robin, a young and talented rock musician, is contacted by Benjamin Marlowe, a legendary New York producer. Benjamin wants her to sing in a group. It's all going well, the group are nice and Gloria feels welcome. What's more, Benjamin is insanely charming! So everything is perfect, right? Too perfect! Because Benjamin is a vampire, he is 239 years old, and Joan, Kim, Alex and William, the members of the group, are all vampires too. 
And Gloria doesn’t know… Has she walked into a trap? Can she escape? And does she really want to? Because Benjamin Marlowe isn't just a gifted producer, being a vampire means he also looks like a man of 29... a breathtakingly gorgeous and irresistibly charming one.
After the success of Obeying my Billionaire, Chloe Wilkox is back with a new saga Rocked by a Vampire. Can you resist the charms of the sexiest vampire on Earth?
Rocked by a Vampire, volume 1/12.